Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage

by Jake Rose


What is it?

 I specialise in Sports and Remedial Massage, also known as Deep Tissue and Soft Tissue Therapy. I use a variety of techniques to release tension, help with pain and stress and have been doing it for five years. 
 This massage goes further than your standard pampering session, in that we look further than your symptom of pain and go deeper into the muscles and fascia. Saying that, it isn't painful, but rather a "good pain" that relieves pain and makes you feel light and free after leaving. 
 Being sporty myself I understand what it means to be performing best and this treatment helps you perform at your best. But you don't have to be sporty. Aches and niggles are caused by anything in life and most people I help aren't sporty at all. I also combine with relaxing techniques where necessary as well as the room being relaxing due to chronic stress having such a big impact on pain.





 If you suffer from sporting injuries, stiff neck, bad back and shoulders, postural tendencies and a variety of other ailments then I can help. I can also help if you just need a good masasge, and also if you have a lot of bad stress and need to relax. I'm qualified in Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy, also known as Sports & Remedial Massage, which is the highest level in England. I have five years of experience and throughout those five years have worked with a variety of individuals from professional athletes, to sedentary office workers. If you have injuries from lifestyle or sport, chronic tension or "bad stress", then this massage is for you. We customise the treatments to suit you. So we can work through your injury, or those stressful days. 




 I really saw the benefits of Massage Therapy during a two year trip around SE Asia and New Zealand. After lots of hiking, by chance my Couch Surfing host was a therapist and gave me a Sports Massage, and I was amazed by the relief in tension, both in my body and mind. Intrigued, I went on to do a Thai Massage course at Wat Po in Bangkok, and soon returned home to study Soft Tissue Therapy (Sports and Remedial Massage), which perfectly combines my passion for an active lifestyle and helping people.

 Since then, I've worked with many people from all walks of life, both sporting and non sporting. I love helping people feel better and more comfortable in their bodies. I've worked for local Rugby and Football teams, ran a humble practice in a gym, and had the pleasure of working in Amsterdam for two years at several high end clinics.

 In my spare time I'm a fitness junkie, with a current obsession for Spartan Races! Other interests include travel, food and family and friend time.


HOW IT WORKS - For the massage beginners

 I'll collect you from the sitting area, and we'll go to the treatment room, where we can have a chat about what you need. Then I'll give you some time to get comfortable, knock on the door and we can start! 

 Some people like music, or to talk, and others like it to be quiet. We just go with what feels right.
When it's done, I'll give you some time to get ready, then we can have a chat about your experience and the difference you feel in pain relief, strress levels and range of motion. 
 Payments can be made online or in person. Remedy has a 24 hour cancellation fee, any cancellation after this time will be charged 50%.


 Jake's vision - founder of Remedy - is to provide you with effective and affordable Massage Therapy. After a consultation and medical history to find out what you need, whether that's for injuries, tension or purely to relax, the treatment is tailored to your needs. 
 Jake saw the benefit of massage after lots of hiking in New Zealand and decided to become a therapist himself. He got his advanced Diploma in Sports & Remedial Massage with the ISRM and  has enjoyed working with both sporting and non-sporting people for the past five years, including two years in Amsterdam working at several high end clinics.





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Tel: 07308264046

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